• A 10-foot lightweight tower structure that can be expanded up to 15 feet wide for your finish line
  • 4 high-performance antennas so no mats or ramps are needed to read the chips
  • 100% real-time results with no delay...generates race results immediately including all reports
  • Communicates with other computers using the Wi-Fi interface on the laptop computer
  • Announcer Software so we can show live race results on tv screens
  • Remote Software for capturing split times manually anywhere on the race course
  • Operated via remote control
  • A read range of up to 40 feet and supports all re-usable and disposable chips
  • Can read up to 80 chips/second so performance isn't a concern for your races
  • Communicates with our kiosk system so athletes can look up their results in real-time
  • Works great for running events, triathlons, mountain bike races, road cycling, cross country skiing, etc.

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